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Along with our excellent range in music, we can also provide by request a FREE music quiz for all ages and games for children parties. Plus for adult parties an adult quiz whereby we change the rules “naughty but clean fun”. All Faze 2 winners receive our very own branded certificate.


“The Faze 2 National Diploma”


This is a fun memento of the day, which your guests can take home, frame or just put on their wall or fridge to show off to all their friends. Please note games are provided free of charge for both adults and children’s parties, which we class as light entertainment in aid of good fun.





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What’s our Equipment Like?


Faze 2 Disco is run completely by compact disc which avoids loss of sound during functions. We can provide up to 2000 watts of sound, although usually we don’t need this amount for general parties of up to 150 people. Our disco lighting display is of great effect, we go out to impress with a professional image to ensure we fill the venue.


We have 2x3” and 2x2” light screens / 16 pin spot traffic lights / a range of martin over head lights up to date star flash /mini star /rainbow effects to intelligent lighting such as the Abstract Future scans / Laser effect & Real laser lighting,  U V lights / Strobe effect’s and the list goes on and on…


We also provide Bubble machines, Steam machines and radio microphones for speeches etc…